Parma, 2022 June 22-24



The objective of the EAAE PhD Workshop is to give European PhD students from different countries the opportunity to present their research in a conference setting and to get feedback from peers and senior economists.

Participants will benefit from: i) plenary sessions in which keynote speakers from academic present their most recent contributions and provide guidance on how to successfully carry out research in the agricultural, environmental, food and development economics domain; non-academic keynote speakers offer a view on the needed skills to work in non-academic international organisation, possible careers opportunities and the selection processes; ii) informal parallel session in which students present their selected papers and receive feedback from their discussant; iii) research project format parallel sessions, in which students present their thesis research projects or other research activities where they are involved individually or with other colleagues. It is not necessary to bring definitive results. Topics related to assumptions, methodological approches and execution methods are also welcome.

Download the call for paper here